Meet Election Candidates: Ron Rosenbaum for Albany School Board

September 16, 2008

Incumbent candidate  for Albany School Board  Ron Rosenbaum held a campaign sign at Solano Stroll parade. Rosenbaum is well-known in the community as a former principal of Albany High School and an Albany resident for more than three decades. He wrote the following message addressed to Albany voters:   Read the rest of this entry »


Meet Election Candidates: Patricia Low for Albany School Board

September 16, 2008

Patricia Low is running for Albany School Board against John Kindle and incumbent Ron Rosenbaum . The three candidates are competing for two seats at the school board. Photo by Linda (Linjun) Fan.

Patricia Low traced her decision to run for Albany School Board back to her kindergarten year.  When she was a kindergartner in San Francisco Chinatown in the 1960s, boys and girls were separated in the school yard. Read the rest of this entry »

Meet the Candidates: Special Coverage on 2008 Albany Elections

September 16, 2008

With elections less than two months away, Albany City Council and School Board candidates are busy passing out flyers and putting up signs. You might have seen several of them parading at the Solano Stroll Sunday. Who are the candidates? What are their campaign goals? Why are they running for office? How are they going to address various issues of concern to the community?

Albany Today is trying to help you find out the answers by putting forward Meet the Candidates, a special coverage on the local elections. Each candidate has been invited to write an article and record a video speech addressed to Albany voters, which will be published on Albany Today in the following days. Please read their articles, watch their speech, and feel free to write comments under the posts.

Albany’s Biggest Street Fair: 2008 Solano Stroll

September 15, 2008

Did you take a stroll on Solano Avenue yesterday? Did you see faces familiar, faces new, and faces  smiling everywhere? Watch the slideshow below on Albany’s biggest street fair, and share with us your strolling stories.

[rockyou id=122760805&w=324&h=243]

Preliminary hearing on Sorg’s case will be held in October

September 6, 2008

By Linda (Linjun) Fan

A preliminary hearing on Albany teacher Kay Sorg’s case will be held on Oct. 14, according to Greg Dolge, Deputy District Attorney of Alameda County.

Several hearings scheduled in recent months had been canceled. The Superior Court of Alameda County has not ruled on whether testimony of “sexually explicit” letters from the defendant to the alleged victim could be accepted as evidence. Read the rest of this entry »

Four cars collide on Dartmouth Street of Albany

September 1, 2008

Four cars collided on Dartmouth St. of Albany Sunday. Photo by Linda (Linjun) Fan

A black Prius ran into a Toyota 4Runner at the crossing of Dartmouth Street and Evelyn Avenue Sunday, crashing into two other cars parked near the intersection. No person suffered major injuries but the vehicles were heavily damaged. Read the rest of this entry »

Albany school board meetings will be broadcast live

June 30, 2008

According to the Superintendent’s Office of Albany Unified School District, meetings of the Board of Education of  the school district will be broadcast live on Cable Channel 33, and webcasted on the new Web site of the City of Albany from July 15. The meetings will be held at the Albany Community Center, 1249 Marin Avenue, from then on.