MacGregor students serve Albany residents with special-recipe waffles

breakfast at MacGregor

Six-year-old Julia Bell is eager to have a try in cooking waffle as Gaby Martoranl and Yeseenia Vasquec, students of the Culinary Art Program of MacGregor High School, prepare Thai-recipe waffles to serve community members in Albany Saturday. Photo by Linjun Fan.

MacGregor High School was bustling with excitement Saturday morning, as its students prepared their special-recipe waffles to serve breakfast to more than 100 community members of Albany for the first time.

“We have been practicing this for two weeks, ” said Yeseenia Vasquec, a student of the Culinary Art Program at MacGregor. “We tested different recipes and voted for the Thai one with yeast.”

Most of MacGregor’s 46 students participated in the vote, after tasting different kinds of waffles. Several buckets of batter were prepared in advance, and some students came to school as early as 6:30 am to get ready for the event, which was the first fundraiser on the new campus of the continuation high school.

Visitors from the community came to enjoy a delicious meal and also to show their support for the school.

“The waffle tastes pretty good. It’s nice that kids are learning to cook,” said John Nelson, who was enjoying a piece of crisp bacon after he finished a waffle. It’s the first time for Nelson and his wife to visit MacGregor’s new campus on Jackson Street, where it moved into in the summer.

Barry Shapiro, Principal of MacGregor, greeted every visitor with big smiles.

“We are thrilled. The turnout is much bigger than we’ve ever expected, ” Shapiro said.

MacGregor breakfast 2 MacGregor students Arei Lewis and Dejione Ford pack waffles and hand them to visitors from the community, while their instructor Alexia Ritchie stand by the side greeting people. Photo by Linjun Fan. 

The school earned about $250 out of $550 in sales of waffle and beverage, and received about $100 in cash donation.

MacGregor teacher Alexia Ritchie, who first started the culinary program and organized the fundraiser, said that her mission had been accomplished – they’d not only made some money, but also left a good impression on community members.

“Some people are very nervous about the high school kids. So it’s nice for them to see that the high school kids are productive, positive, and not destructive, ” Ritchie said.

About a dozen neighbors, who had worried about the school’s moving into their block, showed up at the breakfast.

Another MacGregor fundraiser for the same purpose will be held in the spring.


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